Increase Online and Street Appeal to Boost Company Awareness and Sales

Owning a business is an exciting opportunity to set the rules, be your own boss, and make a profitable career. Modern businesses have to pay attention to marketing and appearances in order to get customers in the door. More than just finding new customers, it is important to create a positive public image for a place of business. Cultivating a good reputation begins with service, but the shopping experience also plays a major role. A mix of outdoor advertising combined with an online social media presence can indoor both foot traffic and online orders.

Street Appeal

People judge a business on the outside before ever entering through the doors. First, there must be plenty of clear and appealing signage pointing customers towards the business. An overhead sign and window graphics ohio will help a place of business to gain attention. Next, the parking lot and entryway should be kept clear of trash and debris. A clean well-kept exterior suggests a clean interior. Potted plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers also add visual appeal along with a touch of class. Finally, signs, flags, and banners placed off of the road can draw more attention, especially to a new business.

Online Appeal

Today’s world is driven by technology and the internet. Vast amounts of shopping, news, and learning happened online. In order to stay competitive in this new economy a successful business must have an online presence. A business website does not necessarily have to sell their products online, but it is advisable. At the minimum, the site should have all the company’s location information, hours of business, services or products described, and many pictures. Most consumers look up a business before visiting in-store that is one of the reasons why it is so important to have a well-designed website to encourage people to visit. People like to know what to expect in advance.

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Social media is the best way to reach a large number of people quickly and relatively effortlessly. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the top three online outlets. Create an account on each site then be sure to also place social media links on the company’s homepage. Starting out be sure to offer quality content. People do not want to follow a company that is always trying to sell them something. Instead, funny memes, contests, giveaways, coupons, interesting articles, and brand history are more likely to garner attention and likes. Another important tip is to not over post or under post. A couple of posts per week is ideal.

Creating more foot traffic and online business starts with making the company more appealing to consumers. At the physical location, a clean and pleasant entrance with plants with clear signage is inviting. An easily navigable website with location, hours of operation, services, and photos helps potential customers get a feel for the company. Finally, social media outlets are an excellent way to become more visible online and connect with customers. Using outdoor and online advertising together is an effective strategy.